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CARRY THE WATER isn’t an album that immediately grips thelistener, but is nonetheless a thoughtful, mellow and commendable collection of songs

AfirstlistenofCARRYTHE WATER doesn’t necessarily do the album justice. Seemingly void of any one song that could be marked out as especially chart-friendly, Lucy Billings’ latest album, whilst possessing plenty of quality, admittedly made me a little drowsy.

Even so, once given a little more time to sink in, CARRYTHE WATER is an album of far more merit than you might assume from the above paragraph. Besides the more instantly recognisable high standard of Billings’ guitar melodies and lilting vocals, it also becomes clear over time that CARRY THE WATER brings more subtle qualities to the table.

For example, Billings has infused the album with powerful poetic lyricism. This is present on Asking You Why, written about the 2011 shootings in Tucson, Arizona, in which she handles a delicate subject matter masterfully.There’s also something to be said for the catchiness of the guitar hook on What You Gonna Do?, which switches things up to some extent towards the end of the album.

CARRYTHE WATER, in general, provides a thoughtful and rich listening experience. Whilst I feel that it could have benefited from a few more energetic or up-tempo tracks, the fact that it maintains its vibe means that this could be an ideal album if you’re in a thoughtful or relaxed mood .Ian Home

Lucy Billings

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