How To Make Rapunzel Hairstyle

Rapunzel knew the power of pretty tresses when it came to dazzling her prince. So why not let your hair down, too, and enjoy a little play time? While twisting and twirling your lustrous locks, try this knockout knot—a perfect honeymoon hairstyles 2015.

Step 1: Wash hair and apply a leave-in conditioning styler like Wella Lifetex Wellness Personal Trainer. Comb through.

Step 2: Part hair down the back and separate into two sections.



Step 3 Take one section, pull it out straight, and twist until hair curls up into a knot. Secure with clips. Repeat on the other side. Step 4 Accent with floral pins. To calm flyaways, spritz hair with VS Sassoon’s Flexible Hair Spray, a micro-fine mist for all-day hold.

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