Makeup for 20 year olds

Four vials, costing Alison S900 each.

Alison gazes at her finished face for the first time. “You have little marks on your skin, just from the needle,” says Airan. “You may look worse tomorrow. And the bruising could last up to ten days.”

Alison is too mesmerized by her own, newly tweaked reflection to care. “I can’t even express to you what this feels like,” she says. “It’s night and day. My eyes look differ-ent. Your attention’s not drawn to all that other stuff, those indentations. It’s not a dramatic difference, but it makes all the difference.”

Greg who had beat it at the first sign of a needle, retreating to the waiting area’s quilted beige couch (a replica of the one in Coco Chanel’s rue Cambon apartment, made by the same design house) returns timidly to the room. “I can see it! It’s a major difference! Your eyes come out now. All you can see are big blue eyes. It looks like you slept,” he enthuses. “You look like you’re in your 20s.”

Alison lies back for a moment, closing her big blue eyes, i’m going to look pret-ty,” she says softly.

Names have been changed.

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