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Warrior roast Hurdle over back-to-back flaming strips of real fire. Skip it: The only way it could be safe is if you were a great jumper, weren’t stuck in a crowd and could go at your own pace, says Stewart. Never count on the latter two during a mud run. Top: Think leopard crawl, not toddler crawling. Stay low and reach forward with one hand. Pull your body forward, leading with that hand as your opposite leg bends sharply. Push off with that foot. Repeat, alternating sides. Middle: Upper-body strength is key – work on those pull-ups and engage your back muscles. Bottom: Keep that mouth closed! Race yourself, not the clock Obstacle racing has become serious business, with impressive prize money up for grabs – if you’ve entered the gruelling individual category (the pot is R10 000 for the winner of Warrior Race’s Black Ops Elite!).

Forthe rest of us mere mortals, crowds and queuing for obstacles make it difficult to race for time. Rather than injure yourself rushing a tough obstacle or tricky terrain, just have fun and take in the view from the top of that vicious hill you just climbed. If you’re unsure of an obstacle, skip it We’re not encouraging chickening out – the whole point is to challenge yourself, after all! But if something looks genuinely dodgy (platform wobbling alarmingly under someone’s weight; rope swing coming apart) walking around it could save you a world of pain and regret. Obstacle racing is still fairly new and unregulated – don’t assume that the obstacles (which are typically temporary structures) are infallible. Mastering the basics – what I call the ABCs-ofobstacle-course racing can be a game changer, says Batt. A Running. You’re going to be doing a lot of this, so you need to be running fit. Include speed training, hills and long-distance. B Strength.

Include a mix of compound strength movements (working multiple muscle groups with weights) to increase brute strength, functional strength movements to increase explosive power and multi-directional movement, and bodyweight training. C Race-specific skills. There’ll be a lot of climbing and clambering -training on a bar or rings will help increase your grip and upper-body strength. Also work on your balance and practise carrying awkward, weighted objects (sleeping toddlers count).

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