Makeup For A Wedding

Makeup for a wedding

I'm getting married and plan to do my own makeup. Any suggestions? D.C. Evanston, III.

Linda Seidel, creator of Natural Cover foundation/concealer, recommends starting with a long-lasting waterproof foundation. Match the shade to your neck and blend it well below your jawline.

Makeup For A Wedding

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Finish it with pressed or loose powder and you’ll have the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup, ” she says. For other cosmetics, Aimi Edelman, a makeup artist with Laura Geller Make-Up Studios in New York City, suggests the following:

• Avoid shimmery colors, which often look too shiny in photographs.

• Don’t use extreme shades; natural colors tend to look better when you’re wearing white.

• Draw attention to your eyes by adding extra eyeliner in the outer corners.

• Take oil-blotting or rice paper to the reception it will absorb oil without adding color the way some powders do. (To try: Shiseido Pureness Oil-Blotting Paper, Prescriptives Instant Face Powder Foundation, Estee Lauder 2 Maximum Cover Lightweight Makeup; for Natural Cover, call 800-752-0066. )

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