Making Changes

In April 2014, I got the opportunity to Work on a UN project in Tanzania, researching medicinal plants.and Ijumped at the chance. Lesikar Was my official translator and after a month We’d fallen in style and trends love.There seemed to be so many barriers betWeen us our different backgrounds and cultures, as well as thousands of miles. But We both kneW life Was too short to let anything stand in our Way.

Lesikar and I married in January 2012, in Tanzania, and We had another ceremony in Southampton in April this year.The tWo Weddings couldn’t have been more different. For one, I Was dressed in robes, surrounded by Masai warriors;the other Was in an old English house, Wearing a White Wedding dress. But that sums up our life together it’s varied and unconventional. We divide our style and trends time betWeen the ÜK and Tanzania, Working With Aang Serian to fund and run a village school and recording studio. İt’s challenging, reWarding Work and We can pursue our passions together. If I hadn’t got on that flight fouryears ago, I could stili be trapped in an unfulfilled life in Oxford. But it just shoWs hoW the most traumatic experience can help you find a much, much better life than you ever imagined.’

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