Malena Costa Style

At this point she lost her nerve; she turned and ran, and Rupert started to jog after hera two ton jog that literally shook the earth. Nina glanced over her shoulder, saw that he was gaining on her, and let out a terrified shriek. I couldn't believe my eyes. Nina chased by a rhinoceros named Rupert! It just wasn't possible.

Malena Costa Style

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Yet it was happening right there, in front of my nose. But at the very moment when she seemed to be faltering and when Rupert was about to trample all over her with his heavy feet, one of the two Monarch men came hurtling across from the charcoal grill where he'd been supervising the buffalo and waterbuck steaks, seized Nina around the waist, and snatched her to one side, just as I've seen it happen a hundred times on the Late Late Show. Rupert went jogging on, and ultimately came to rest with a bemused expression, as if he couldn't remember who he'd been chasing, or why.



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