Mara Darmousli Diet Plan Workout Routine

Mara Darmousli Diet Plan

According to Dr. Smith’s progress report, his patients were all previously long time treatment failures, with histories that included every type of therapy. They were “revolving door drunks.” His results, when compared with those of other programs, showed the niacin therapy to be far more effective especially when you consider the fact that many of the drugs used in other treatments of alcoholism have a high potential for abuse and for suicide.

Among Dr. Smith’s successes was a college instructor in English who, on a daily dose of 12 grams of niacin, successfully completed his first full term of teaching in five years. A similar treatment program made it possible for a forty year old painter who had both a schizoid background and a drinking history dating back to the age of eleven to remain sober for seven straight months, his longest period of sobriety since childhood.

‘ In a follow up on the 507 original patients, only 70 were lost either through death or insobriety. The fact that only three were victims of cardiac arrest indicates that niacin also has a beneficial effect on the heart. Long time alcoholics are extremely high risk prospects for heart disease.
Well over five thousand alcoholics in all stages of the disease have been added to the study, including several hundred adolescents with acute toxic and chronic organic brain syndromes. These patients have shown improved sleep patterns, reduced anxiety levels, mood stabilization, better coping abilities, occasional dramatic improvement in judgment and memory, sustained job performance, and improved family life.

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