Marisa Miller Diet Plan

Marisa Miller Diet Plan Ginger Beer

Serves 810 You can use alcoholfree or loıuaicohol lager for this unusual ginger beer recipe.

2.251trs (4pts) alcoholfree lager 150ml (Vzpt) ginger beer 1 tbsp grated ginger root juice of 2 lemons lemon slices to garnish


Kcals: 81Kc Betacarotene: TrWeight Loss

Fat: TrWeight Loss Vitamin C: 12.4mg

Fibre: O.lg Vitamin E: Nil

Mix ali the ingredients together. Serve över ice with slices of lemon or lime.

Marisa Miller Diet Plan Caribbean Cocktail

Serves 810

This colourful cocktail adds a splash of colour to any party and plenty of vitamins too!

2.251trs (4pts) carrot juice 1.2trs (2pts) pineapple juice juice of 1 lemon lemon and lime slices to garnish


Kcals: 186Kc Betacarotene: 40mg

Fat: 0.5g Vitamin C: 44.5mg

Fibre: 6.5g Vitamin E: Nil

Chill the juices before pouring into small glasses. Stir well and garnish with slices of lemon and lime.

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