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The motion, which took the Commission to task for failing to introduce new proposals designed to increase Parliament’s powers of control over the Community budget, was withdrawn before it was put to the vote. The very size of the implications of a motion of censure may make it of limited practical significance. In any case there are other limitations. The Parliament may dismiss the Commission but it has no control over the selection of the new Commissioners who would replace the old ones. Also the villain of the piece may not be the Commission but the intransigence of the Council. As we shall see in ChapterParliament also enjoys certain very significant powers in relation to the budget. It can propose modifications to certain kinds of expenditure, it can within limits amend certain other forms of expenditure and it has the power to adopt or reject the budget.

Mark Tacher Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Mark Tacher Info Chart

Style Name Mark Tacher Feingold
Style Birth; September 15th, 1977
Style From; Ciudad de México
Style Occupations; Actor
Style Relationship; Engaged to Cecilia Galliano/divorced from Mónica Fonseca
A-List; B-List

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