Gigi Hadid New York City Style

Now, the latter skill would come into its own on the AC/DC track It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll), but the former would be used to good effect with his first proper band, The Spektors. However, before he took his first steps down the path to becoming a rock legend, Bon ended up in legal trouble. By 1963, he’d dropped out of school and moved into the house of Olive and Jim Henderson. But his wayward character and daredevil behaviour quickly attracted the wrong sort of attention. At the age of 16, he was up in Fremantle Children’s Court charged with stealing 12 gallons of petrol (quite what he planned to do with this remained a mystery, although arson probably wasn’t on his mind), having unlawful carnal knowledge (shagging an underage girl; rape was never implied), running away from legal custody and giving the police a false name and address. He pleaded guilty on all counts, and spent a short time in Fremantle Prison for assessment, before being handed over to the Riverbank Juvenile Institution until he was 18. There are those who believe this to be a major turning point in his life.


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