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Martha Stewart Diet Plan

If the Health Appraisal Indicator suggests the likeli hood of functional hypoglycemia (or reactive hypoglycemia, as some prefer to call it), a five or six hour glucose tolerance test is indicated. It is generally begun at 8:00 a.m., following a twelve hour fast (from 8:00 p.m. the evening before). After the initial blood sample is drawn, the patient swallows 100 grams of glucose. Blood samples are taken thirty and sixty minutes later, and at hourly intervals for five or six hours. Special diets prior to testing are not necessary but, if possible, all medications (such as tranquilizers) that affect the blood sugar level should be discontinued several days before the test. No tobacco, food, drink, or physical activity is allowed during the test.

Anyone can be “on the way” to hypoglycemia if he continues to stuff himself with unwholesome foods, and a corrective diet is a must for the diagnosed hypoglycemic. This “hypoglycemic” diet can best be described as relatively high in complete (animal) protein, moderate in fat content (roughly balanced between saturated and unsaturated fats), moderate in total carbohydrate content, and low in the rapidly assimilated carbohydrates.

It is important to avoid certain foods completely: sugar, honey, dried fruit, products such as noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, pizza, white bread, biscuits, rolls, crackers (all items made from refined white flour), all sweets and desserts (except fresh fruits), all sugar sweetened soft drinks, foods and drinks containing caffeine, and alcoholic beverages. Potatoes, com, rice, peas, lima beans, and baked beans may also have to be restricted or avoided.

Many versions of the original “Seale Harris Diet for hypoglycemia have been published under other names. A modification by Cincinnati psychiatrist Dr.

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