Mary Elizabeth Winstead Style

You know Ryan is crazy about you. That's how he expresses his affection. Come on back and have some tomato juice with us. I allowed him to lead me back to the table.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Style

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I allowed him to pull out a chair. I sat down. Ryan said in a cold voice, Do you know why I asked you to meet us here? Hey, Ryan, have a heart, Vic said.



Lauren Bushnell on a Vespa Style

George Young is the elder brother of Angus and Malcolm Young and the one family member, aside from the two guitarists themselves, who has probably exerted more influence on AC/DC. Born George Redburn Young in Glasgow on 6 November, 1947 and one of eight children who emigrated to Australia in 1963. And it was the 16 year old George who was the first to make something of a name for himself in the music scene when he was a founding member of The Easybeats, who would become one of the first Australian bands to have an international hit with Friday On My Mind in 1966. The Easybeats were by far and away the most successful Australian band of the 60s, but by 1969 they had called it a day, and Young and fellow guitarist Harry Vanda, who'd written most of the band's songs, remained in the UK to work on further projects. These included Paintbox, Grapefruit and the Marcus Hook Roll Band (the latter two with elder brother Alex). Young returned to Australia with Vanda, where the two became in-house producers for Alberts, and would end up writing hits for other Aussie artists, including John Paul Young's Love Is In The Air'. They also wrote for the likes of the Bay City Rollers, INXS and Jimmy Barnes and would later work with hard rocking Australians Rose Tattoo, Cheetah and The Angels.

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