MAX & Co. Fall Winter 2015 Collection

in order to stay quiet during the night. The time for the last feeding can be experimented with, earlier or later, depending on the puppy’s digestive system and his ability to contain his bowel movements until morning. Make Up Colours for Blondes YouTube Red Hair Green Eyes Makeup Esme and the Laneway How I wear difficult colours u in my case The Bloomin’ Couch What colour eye shadow suits Brown eyes? Have red hair and green eyes what make up colours would suit me blog of day; Confinement Don’t allow a puppy the complete run of the house and expect him to find his way to the door each time he has to eliminate. In the daytime he should be confined to a small area where there is a linoleum surface, such as the kitchen or utility room. At night he should be confined to a small area which is well covered with newspapers. As most dogs will not soil their bedding, an older puppy who persists in having a bowel movement during the night could be confined to a small sleeping box. Discipline The memory of the puppy is about seconds long; if he is disciplined after that time, he will not realize what he has done wrong.

MAX & Co. Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

MAX & Co. Fall Winter 2015 Collection Photo Gallery

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