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1. IPL LASER REMOVAL AT LEGS ELEVEN, FROM R230 PER SESSION Nicole Newman, Junior Fashion Editor What is IPL? Intense Pulse Lighting is a form of permanent hair removal that works by means of controlled flashes of light. After your therapist has shaved the treatment area, a gel is applied. A handpiece is then positioned over the area and, with each pulse, light travels down your individual hair shaft and into its root – the heat destroys the follicle, preventing further growth. The treatment session ends with a cooling gel spread over the treated area. Who can have it done? The latest IPL can be done on men and women on almost any part of the body and on all skin tones. However, as it targets the hair pigment, it doesn’t work on red, grey or true blonde hair.

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How long will it take? You will generally need between six and eight treatments over a period of 18 months to remove up to 90 percent of unwanted hair. At first, you’ll require sessions every eight weeks, but as hair takes longer to reappear, sessions can be spaced further apart, at intervals of four months. How should one prepare? I usually wax my underarms but when I went for my consultation, I was told not to wax, tweeze, thread, epilate or have electrolysis for at least four weeks before my first IPL treatment and in between treatments, as these methods pull the hair out of the root.

Hair needs to be present for the IPL laser to work. Don’t worry – you can shave between treatments. Results so far: I have had two sessions and the results are already noticeable. My underarm hair (which usually appears within two days after shaving) began to regrow only about four days after the treatment. The hair also seems to be sparser. I look forward to further positive results as I continue the treatment.

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