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tween the height of English imperial splendor, when all world leaders seemed to be one another’s cousins, and the onset of World War I, when such coziness was ripped asunder. The film is a moving tribute to the Edwardian Age, told from an unusual vantage point a chronicle of the loss of both a boy and an empire. henry alford


Left to right: truffle hunting in Alba; Barolo grapes ripe on the vine; white-truffle shavings over pasta.

or skiers it’s February in Saint-Moritz.

For sun worshippers and social climbers it’s Christmas on St. Barts. But for food-and wine-lovers the ultimate destination has lately become October and November in the Langhe Hills of Piedmont, in northwest Italy. That’s when the white truffles are harvested from the woods by trifo ai weather-beaten locals who employ truffle-sniffing dogs. With white truffles considerably rarer than black, and fetching upwards of $ 1,000 a pound, the trifolai tend to be both superstitious and fiercely protective of their “hunting grounds.” During truffle season, underlying the usual conviviality of the rustic-feeling town of Alba is an air of competition and the secrecy of a drug bazaar, with furtive deals being conducted around scales and healthy sums of money being exchanged.

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