Medium bob haircuts back view

Jojoba – for all hair types, good for extremely damaged or breaking hair. One of the best oils for hair loss due to breakage. Closest to hair’s natural oil

Coconut – provides protein for damaged hair, softens hair and conditions scalp Castor – nourishes and helps retain moisture, softens and thickens hair

Vitamin E – antioxidant, improves circulation, rejuvenates and protects hair and scalp, helps extend shelf life

Avocado – full of vitamins A, E, D and potassium, add to treatments for super deep conditioning

Almond – protects and moisturizes, protects and stimulates follicles, helps remove buildup of dead skin cells. Use with caution if you have nut allergies

Argan – locks in moisture, protects from UV, smooths and shine, rich in vitamin E, deep hydration, strengthen brittle hair, tames frizz, enhances curls

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