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1. Patience: You must have patience. Stop stressing. Hair grows an average of !4-inch a month. Length takes time! 2. Stop trimming your hair when it’s not necessary. If you are not doing things to damage your ends they should not need to be trimmed as often. 3. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that since you don’t have a relaxer that your hair can take all kinds of heat. It can’t. Try to eliminate using hot irons on your hair between shampoos. If you shampoo every two weeks, that means if you are wearing it straight you might use the blow-dryer and flat iron twice a month.

High heat is not your hair’s friend when you are trying to retain length. You can easily fry off your ends and not retain as much length. Sometimes when you use a quality blow-dry serum you can get the hair straight enough to create a bun or ponytail with just the blow-dryer. 4. When you do use a flat iron try not to use the highest setting. Try to use as few passes as possible and learn to love having a little texture! 5. Always use a heat protectant. 6. Try using Hype Hair Satin Rollers to form your curls as opposed to heating your hair up with a curling iron. 7.

Invest in products designed to preserve your ends and keep your hair from breaking off. Nexxus ProMend and Nexxus Encapsulate Serum work very well. 8. Use a satin scarf at night and a satin pillowcase just in case the scarf comes off! 9. Stop over-combing and brushing your hair. Medium hair styles Make sure you are using the right sized comb for the thickness of your hair. 10. Comb your hair from the ends going up to the root area. 11. Be gentle with your hair. 12. Keep your hair moisturized between shampoos. We love Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer and Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine. 13. Make sure when wearing protective styles like braids, buns and ponytails that the hair is not pulled too tight. 14. Deep condition every time you shampoo and use a reconstructor once a month. 15. Be careful about using hair sprays, spritzes and gels with a high alcohol content that can make the hair dry and break it off. 16. Instead of pressing your edges try using a light pomade, hairdress or creme and tying them down with a satin scarf.

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