Medium haircut with bangs for round face

Apply Black Radiance liner starting at the inner corner on the top of your lid and mi slowly to the edge of the eye, creating a bit of a winged look. Do the same for the bottom eyelid but don’t go back over the winged part again. To get your lip shade to stay on, apply a small dab of concealer on the lips first. Medium haircut with bangs for round face Then use a dark red liner to line the lips. Next apply Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Color in small strokes. Model: Anastasia Kazakova, who knows My every look is authentically me You never know which me you’re gonna get. The edgy me… the strong me. Introducing game-changing New ORS „ Olive Oil Styling. Now with Pequi, Moringa, Grapeseed and Avocado oils…each blended with nourishing ORS Olive Oil. Whether it’s straightened, twisted, coiled or in a pony, the possibilities are endless. Perfect Pixie This is such a cute pixie cut. This style is perfect for a naturalista that just wants a quick change. For a sassy style give this look a try.

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