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Hair Replacement Systems

When handling hair loss, most individuals automatically consider using hair replacement systems. A hair replacement system is just a sophisticated term for extended wear wigs and toupees. Safe, non-invasive, and easy to procure, these items can effectively disguise hair loss in an instant! Today’s hair replacements systems look more natural and are virtually indiscernible unless scrutinized closely. Unlike ordinary costume hair pieces, these hair replacement systems can be used up to a week without the need for cleaning or restyling.

Women prefer to use wigs because these cover the entire scalp and contain longer hair that can be styled depending on their mood or need. For men, toupees are more convenient because these are smaller in size and only cover the bald or thinning areas.

Hair replacement systems are priced according to their quality and materials. The most common ones are made from:

1. Synthetic materials – The cheapest among the bunch, wigs and toupees made from synthetic materials are readily available in stores. Very versatile, these hair systems come in different styles, lengths, and colors. Although it is easy to maintain, hair replacement systems made from this material look and feel the least natural.

2. Human hair – Wigs and toupees made from actual human hair looks and feels the most natural. Available in various styles, lengths, texture, and color, human hair replacement systems can be very expensive. Also, these systems require a lot of maintenance to retain their beautiful appearance.

3. Animal hair – You might not believe it, but there are wigs and toupees that are made from horse, yak, and goat hair. Since it feels and looks somewhat natural, animal hair replacement systems need a lot of maintenance too.

4. Human hair and synthetic material combination – Several companies are now introducing wigs and toupees made from a combination of human hair and synthetic materials. The resulting product is not just inexpensive, but looks somewhat natural, as well. The downside of this system type is that the maintenance is different for each material. If you want your artificial hair to last longer, then you must strictly follow the care guide.

Apart from the material of the wigs and toupees, their prices also depend on whether they have been machine or hand made. Handmade wigs and toupees are more expensive than machine made ones because they move and fall more naturally.

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