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Hair Loss Disguises and Hair Transplant Surgery

Apart from the use of wigs and toupees, there are other hair loss disguises that can be utilized to stop thinning hair and hide bald spots.

Spray-on Fibers

Spray-on fibers conceal balding and thinning areas with just one spritz. Once the product is placed on the scalp, the fibers will stick to the existing hair and give the illusion of a fuller and thicker hair. The great thing about spray-on fibers is that they will stay on your head for a long time even after washing the hair.

Spray-on hair fibers are available in different colors so choose one that’s similar or close to your current hair color.

Hair Concealers

If you have thinning hair, then you can use a hair concealer to address the issue. Hair concealers help darken the scalp to give the illusion of thicker hair. Effective and easy to use, these hair concealers last a very long time and require zero maintenance.

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