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Megan’s svelte, 5’8 frame is a dream to dress. Give her a body-hugging challenge and she’ll conquer it without breaking a sweat, weigh her down with a plush ball gown and she’ll float without fuss. She’s done her time: chandeliers for earrings, cigarette-thin spikes for heels. In fact, she rocked all of it at once at the 2014 Star Magic Ball, stealing the show in a flouncy Leo Almodal trumpet frock.

It came with the territory. Megan was then at the tail end of her Miss World reign and looking stately was expected, if not required. But it’s been over ayear

since she turned over her tiara, and she’d really rather be in sneakers.

I like heels, but given a choice I’d wear sneakers with everything. Comfort is convenient shorthand for her style preferences. During a break, she jumps at the suggestion that she could trade in her blue pumps for flip-flops during the two-minute drive to the next location. Hindi ako tis-ganda kind of girl, she intone s. Okay langkahitpangit, basta comfortable ako. 

A pair ofwhite Stan Smiths sticks out from the sea of colorful, sky-high heels and wedges. I came in wearing those, she says. Megan off-duty is Megan in a flowy dress and trainers.

She gestures down at the loose crimson dress she was wearing. This is my go-to outfit, she declares. I used to love wearing jeans, but it’s gotten insanely hot in the Philippines. 

I’m not a girly girl, she admits. She won’t slave away worrying about the day’s outfit or fussing over her face. Heck, the Starstruck host doesn’t even like wearing earrings. Her fail-safe is her uniform, reinforced with a dab of barely-there makeup, a style she’s discovered works for her laidback personality.

I’ve learned to dress sneakers up more. There are ways to make them look a bit more formal, she suggests. ‘Di na ako ‘yung teenybopper napuro Converse nalang ‘yongshoes ko, ganoon!

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