Megan Young

Don’t eat that! shrieks Megan at her stylist. It’s lunchtime on a workday that started the day before, and everyone is taking a short break before the grind restarts. Plates are piled high with rice, kare-kare, lumpia, and fried squid, but Megan is telling her stylist not to eat just yet.

It sounds like some sort of strange, punishing diet program, but then the Marimar star pulls out a big unlabeled jar from out of nowhere. She carefully unscrews it and unceremoniously starts digging in. You have to try the kare-kare with this bagoong’.’

She got it from her Marimar stunt double whose mother apparently makes the best bagoong in the world. Megan’s primetime soap opera shoots three to four days a week, usually until the wee hours of the morning. It’s where she dedicates a large percentage of her time; a grueling s etup that develop s a certain bond, in this case, the kind that trades kitchen secrets.

Kare-kare sufficiently slathered with the homemade fermented condiment and the air thick with that mouthwatering, salty perfume, everybody starts eating. Megan herself, fresh from a cropped-top-pencil-skirt ensemble, checks with her stylist Adrianne Concepcion about the rest of the day’s costumes. Pwede na ako kumain ngrice? Blessings received, and Miss World 2013 indulges with gusto.

These dishes sinigang, kare-kare, munggo you have to eat with rice, she notes with much practicality in her voice. We can only imagine how much more excited she gets when she’s going through pizza, her favorite food. Her trim figure, of course, belies this obvious love for gustation, and she brushes off compliments with the usual time-in-the-gym, sticks-to-a-diet answers. She eats healthy, does cardio, jogs for at least 20 minutes, lifts weights, and relishes the occasional yoga or Zumba class.

But today, working on a Sunday, she’s enj oying herself. It’s my cheat day! 

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