You have a tendency, this month, to trust persons not worthy of your confidence. Listen Be ready to call the shots and to spot deception. Interpret trends. Follow through on what you know don’t do too much speculating on the unknown. On New Year’s Eve Self control continues to be an essential ingredient for you. Your cycle is high on the st. You should be able to take care of yourself.




Who would you like to see win?

In one way it would be nice if a boy, like Jay [McGuiness] won, as that hasn’t happened in a while. But also someone like Anita [Rani], who has never had dance training, would be good, too. But I’ve got a soft spot for all of them and I message them before the show each week. Georgia [May Foote]’s been a clear winner for a while, but anything can happen.

Emily: From what I’ve seen and heard backstage, I’ve never seen any evidence of anything being fixed.

What about James Jordan’s tweets? [He tweeted: I love Pete, but I wonder if he’ll open and close the show every week. Fairness.’] Peter: I didn’t take any of it to heart as everyone’s got an opinion, but that’s all they are. I didn’t decide when I went on, and many times I was third or fourth.

How did you feel about Jamelia’s comments about the show being fixed’ and that they recorded your standing ovation’? Did you get a standing ovation the first time around? Peter: Emily was in the audience and she said we got a standing ovation. I didn’t really notice what was going on as I was just in a bubble and I was focused on the routine. Jamelia’s comments made no sense to me. It was a very strange thing to say. The remarks weren’t justified and the idea of a fix couldn’t have been true as I was out the next week anyway! I don’t want to have a go at Jamelia as we get on really well, I just think the whole thing was misguided.

I think people need to get a bit of perspective -it’s meant to be a fun dancing competition and it’s meant to be a bit of a laugh! Such negativity isn’t a good thing.

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