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What was the bad side of being a child star? Growing up in front of everyone is not fun. People take that for granted and don’t understand how difficult it is. Just like any normal teenager transitioning into adulthood, you go through things and make mistakes. But when you’re on TV, everyone is watching and judging you. I’ve always been private; keeping to myself helped me during those years. Fast forward to when you left YoTV, was acting always part of the plan? The odd thing is that I was happy with presenting on YoTV. I had finished matric and was in my first year at AFDA, studying for my BA degree in motion picture and television. But, before that, when I was in grade 11 at Waverley Girls’ High School in Johannesburg, I’d started pursuing acting and this seemed to be an articles with YoTV. My first role was a cameo on the murder mystery series, Eventually, it came to a point where YoTV asked me to choose between presenting and acting. YoTV stopped booking me, and as a child, I didn’t know what to make of that. I found it shady. I then landed my second acting gig on the drama series, The Lab. It’s shocking that YoTV made me choose. I was not going to be a kiddies TV presenter forever, and they knew that, hence I chose acting. Being pushed out like that by YoTV was my first taste of the dark side of the industry.

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