Miami Fashion and Street Style

Every thing is coordinated with a pair of heels and the aforementioned duffel bag, in cashmere and leather, to pack it ali in. True to form, Sterling will be sold mostly through trunk shows at fine spe cialty stores around the country this summer, with Leal making the pitch door to door.

York flagship at 759 Madison Avenue in February. “Why will people come to you if they’re going to see the exact same thing everywhere else?”

Always an apostle of the unconventional, Gaultier envisioned his latest project as a dream like experience meant to really surprise New %rkers. Designed by architect Philippe Starck, the 2,700 square foot space is an eggshell and pale pink confection, brimming with etched glass and colored mirrors.

Madonna and Lourdes Interested Observer Please keep readers informed o£ who buys the white silk, bow covered Viktor & Rolf gown that threatens to devour the model in “Barcelona” (March). Teli us where she plans to wear the cre ation. It would be well worth the cost of the airfare and hotel bili to be there to get a load of that. ]ane Wılcoxson Hartselle, Ala. YSL’s Faithful Flock Zut alorsl Whatever shall couture connoisseurs such as Nan Kempner do in the wake of yes Saint Laurent’s retirement (“YSL Bows Out,” March)? Admittedly, Kempner can always tum to the equally elegant designs of Valentino or Kari Lagerfeld, but Saint Laurent, the most quintessentially Gallic couturier since Mademoiselle Chanel, will be gready missed.

Miami Fashion and Street Style

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