Mila Kunis’s Diet and Fitness Routine

I found that I didn’t have to be 100 percent disciplined, jjfci that 1 didn’t always have to plan for what 1 wanted to eat, that 1 could give in to the spontaneity of the moment because I had locked on to the corrective counterparts for my in dulgences.

1 could give myself permission to indulge because blowing it didn’t mean a tomorrow of nevers. I didn’t have to make every meal the “last supper.” I didn’t have to experience a “fear of eating.” The diet I had made for myself answered ali my pray ersa dream come true.

What I chose to eat determined what I had to eat because my diet was nothing more than following a series of simple rules, and following them the day after a splurge was easy. By this time I was scheduling myself day by day, so that one day determined the next, each day hinged on the day before and the day after. I continued to study the enzymatic capabilities of different foods and how they affect digesti bility and fat.

Success followed success. It got so I could accurately predict the effects before experimenting. I was rarely wrong. It became a matter of streamlining, pushing the limit, adding neutrals (fruits without enzymatic capabilities) for interest, seeking out fat and thin friends and applying my methodology to their diets. More and more I became acutely aware of how I was feeling, aware of the tremendous ne w energy reserves I had. I was determined to build that energy into my diet forever.

Mila Kunis’s Diet and Fitness Routine

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