Milo Ventimiglia Style & Diet Plan

It doesn’t mean that you should get hysterical and beat yourself över the head at what a fat failure you are. It doesn’t mean that you will never again be able to eat whatever it was you ate. It means that you will make it work.

That is what the Beverly Hills Diet is ali about. Making food, ali food, regardless of its inevitable and tran sitory effect, work. So, the scale is up you’ll simply apply the nıles of Conscious Combining, use the corrective coun terparts and eat your way back down. You got thin by feeding your body, and you’ll stay thin by feeding your body.

In Conscious Combining you’ve been experimenting with food to see what works and what doesn’t work. You are leaming to make food work for you. Believe me, this can only happen if you commit yourself to a daily love affair with your scale.

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