Moderation: A Good Ayurvedic Principle for Everyone

By now you know that certain foods and spices may increase or reduce the balance of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha in your physiology. But what if you’re particularly fond of something that you know will aggravate your doshasdo you need to eliminate it altogether? Not necessarily; usually you just reduce the amount.

The Ayurvedic principle of moderation, applied to all foods, is the best to follow. For instance, you may wish to have a cup of chamomile tea and you notice on the Charts of Ingredients that this herb increases Vata, decreases Kapha, and has a neutral effect on Pitta when drunk in moderation. If you are a Vata type who loves chamomile tea, then once or twice a week enjoy a small amount of it. If it is a windy, cold day a Vata-decreasing tea would be a better choice. This is an example of moderation in Ayurveda. Drinking chamomile tea every day or several times a day may be excessive for Vata and even Pitta to some extent. The situation is the same for Vata types who are habituated to drinking coffee or black tea. Moderation gives the most comfort in the long run.

Similarly, fresh ginger tea is a marvelously refreshing and stimulating drink for both Vata and Kapha types, but even those with a Pitta constitution may sip ginger tea on a cool day or during the cold season if they want it. Generally, ginger tea is not one of Pitta’s favorites. Pungent teas are entirely too stimulating for those with Pitta constitutions in warm or hot weather.

Remember, too, in Ayurvedic cooking just a pinch of some spice can change the effect of a recipe. It is not necessary to use great quantities of herbs and spices to achieve a balance of tastes. It’s just a matter of using common sense when applying the information in the * To order Maharishi Ayured Products call 1-800-ALLEDA. ingredients charts and knowing your own comfort zone when trying to satisfy your appetite.

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