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The energy that is derived from protein at the end of that process is, by necessity, diluted. Think about it. When was the last time you had high energy on a highprotein diet?

You see, the protein stays in your stomach anywhere from four to twelve hours, undergoing twelve digestive steps, and only then is it absorbed into your bloodstream.’ First your body picks and chooses what it needs to replenish itself and does so. Then the amino acids are reshuffled and used.

Glucose is the gasoline we ran on. It keeps our hearts beating, our blood flowing. It lets us shrag our shoulders and put one foot in front of the other. It is the only nutrient that becomes instant energy.

The way we are meant to get glucose is from glucose containing foods, which means carbohydrates. They provide glucose immediately, as soon as they are metabolized. Carbohydrates tum into energy. That’s their purpose. Because this is a highenergy diet, the Beverly Hills Diet is a high carbohydrate diet.

We’re ali locked into thinking that carbohydrates are more fattening than protein. Yet both protein and carbohydrates have the same number of caloriesfourfor each gram of weight. There is no caloric difference between the two.

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