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It’s the kind of contagious grin that makes you instantly catch her positivity. However, this 24-year-old brunette beauty is not just the beholder of an effervescent personality, but also the most sought after crown in the biz – she’s about to hit the international stage to represent Australia at this year’s Miss Universe competition (you know, the one that launched Jennifer Hawkins onto the scene).

The psychology-student-turnedmodel has been working full-time in said biz for the past two years – an industry she considers “awesome”. That’s because Monika’s part of the changing face of modelling in this country. There’s been a significant shift in the once-reviled world that for so long carried a dirty reputation of unhealthy bodies and lifestyles. Today, the models that pass through the Women’s Fitness doors for castings come armed with not only a portfolio of shoots showcasing fit physiques in the latest and greatest in activewear, but also substance behind the scenes of the gloss. And Monika is just one of them.

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“I’m proud to be a model,” she beams. “But at the same time I’ve also got my psychology degree. For me, education has always been number one. Growing up, my parents really instilled in me the value of education.” A feat in her journey so far, she claims, is that she’s helping debunk the stereotype that models are simply “airheads with no ambition or intelligence”. “Honestly, the models I’ve worked with are so intelligent and educated,” she explains. “They’re either studying or they have degrees or they’re just so passionate. It’s fantastic that [the modelling industry] is growing in such a beautiful, positive direction.” Here, Monika chats to us about what keeps her healthy, happy and grounded.

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