Monthly Horoscope Forecasts


December 23-January 20 Your mental strength has grown tremendously in the last decade. While you usually work behind the scenes, you will start to utilize your gifts and wisdom on a more public stage. Don’t let your ego control your motives and you will overcome any challenge.

January 21-February 19


February 20-March 20

In recent years, you have strived to be at the top of your game professionally, and if this included learning about humble cooperation, you can now relish the results of your efforts. Use your sensitivity, psychic intelligence, and creative strength to focus on collaborating with influential allies to improve the bigger picture.

You are always willing to stand up for your beliefs, so those around you are inspired and look to you as a natural leader. From the 25th, this good influence may strike a particularly personal note in a relationship while bringing an overall sense of healing. Your thoughts are powerful right now, so try to steer clear of negativity.


March 21 April 20

January marks the beginning of a very successful stage in your career. Attempts to expand your horizons will finally produce rewards. Be careful not to let others manipulate you, but also be sure to avoid any overly controlling tendencies. Enjoy your good fortune while remaining both true to yourself and noble in intention.


June 22-July 23

A friend may challenge your values, so be sure to assert your opinions in a calm manner to avoid a confrontation. Although you are drawn to people in power, do not forget about your own need to succeed. Career insecurities will disappear as you demonstrate just how capable and determined you really are.


April 21-May 21

You will gain the courage and ability to regenerate and heal your life toward the end of the month. Long-distance interests, travel, and study will be crucial to this enrichment. A new romance or important relationship may also blossom at this restorative time, so take advantage of your empathetic nature.


July 24-August 23

You may have had some challenging experiences with love in the past, but you will now enjoy a peaceful time in your relationships. From the 25th, you will feel inspired to find your true niche at work. Use your skills to help others grow. Remember: One of your greatest talents is bringing out the best in those around you.


May 22-June 21

You may have struggled in the past to find the balance between assertion and surrender in relationships, but you will finally achieve harmony. Your insight into others is especially sharp, and you are more able to confidently make difficult decisions. Safeguard the integrity of those with whom you have monetary interests.


August 24-September 23

Having negotiated many twists, turns, and crises on the family front in recent years, you are now feeling free of unfair pressures to conform. Starting at month’s end, as your focus shifts to romantic and creative endeavors, those around you will take note of your serious approach and be attracted to this quality.


September 24-October 23

Don’t doubt that your communication skills can both impress others and create positive changes. Your home life may undergo a profound development this month, and fiscal responsibilities and matters of property may be involved. Resist being pushed into anything that doesn’t reflect your true self.


October 24-November 22

You will finally establish the financial stability that you have wanted for so long, giving you a much-needed sense of security. You are highly sensitive to things around you, and this awareness is best channeled into advising your friends. Be careful, however, not to impose your views on others or dismiss those who are different.


November 23-December 22

You will feel much less restless and indecisive as you develop a greater understanding of your ambitions. Although you have faced many struggles in the past, the true value and gains from this newfound insight are beginning to be evident. That said, it will be wise to maintain a scrupulous approach to all money matters.

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