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images (1)Don’t rush into making promises, spending, or flirting! April’s Full Moon in the feisty sign of Leo will encourage impulsive passions, irrational exuberance, and flippant, over-the-top reactions. Plus, many headstrong individuals operating in the midst of “don’t underestimate me” star power will suddenly resign from secure jobs, leave longtime partners, or become ultra-extravagant shoppers this month.


For the past seven years, the volatile planet Uranus has been stirring weird and wonderful energies within and around you Aquarians. Now that this wild phase is passing, it’s time for you to relax and reestablish your inner calm and outer roots. You’re heading into a much more secure and stable period. But don’t worry the quiet life won’t be boring!


(January 20-April 18)

If only you knew last April what you know now. With hindsight (such a wonderful thing!) on your side, life’s highs and lows since your last birthday have just made you wiser. Be sure not to misguidedly write off any of the year’s unpleasant experiences as worthless, though. Starting this month, you’ll see how and why these invaluable encounters with fate have actually served and improved you.


(April 19-March 20)

Future success hinges on the way you handle current dealmaking and communications, so think carefully and make every E-mail, phone call, and meeting count. There are big steps to take and vital contacts to be made, especially toward this month’s end. Networking, seeking new career opportunities, making offers, and sending out resumes, concepts, and invitations are important.


(March 21-April 19)

Aries is being bombarded with an overload of choices, desires, and ultimatums all compliments of disruptive planet Mars. If you don’t know whether you’re staying or going, or ready to shift careers, change partners or hair color, sit tight Venus, the “have fun” planet, is on the way. Although confusion is still in the air, you’ll soon start enjoying all the uncertainty instead of feeling forlorn.


(April 20-May 20)

Spirited Mars (the planet of ego, passion, and power) is about to bowl you over with a rush of astro-adrenaline, and once it hits, you’ll be buzzing all over the place. To ensure that you gravitate toward harmonious destinations and encounters, though, you’ll need to stay in firm control. Watch out • with reckless Mars pushing your pedal to the metal, anything and everything is possible.


(May 21-June 21)

Make your April motto “Good things come to those who wait.” You’re working yourself into a tizzy because the right man, business deal, fashion look, home situation, financial solution, or work offer hasn’t turned up. For the time being, focus on your positives and let solutions present themselves in their own good time. Even with some missing pieces, your life is fabulous (at least compared with others’).


(June 22-July 22)

If you’re feeling lackluster in body, spirit, or mind, take it easy this month and avoid stress like

the plague. Courtesy of the planet Saturn (which is teaching you a lesson in well-being), you’re delicate and supersensitive. Don’t let any tiredness or dreary moods get you down, though. Good health and vitality haven’t deserted you, and you’ll soon be back at 100 percent stronger and more inspired than ever.


(July 23-August 22)

Full Moon fever hits Leos this month. Watch out for reckless behavior (especially driving too fast), a compulsive desire for approval and attention, shopping extremes, and rapid, irrational mood swings. April has the astro-trappings of a drama-packed month and is also a “dump old baggage” time. So, anything or anyone in your life that’s passed its “use by” date will be discarded or make its departure over the next few months.


(August 23-September 22) Whew! Your stars reveal you’ve got a huge April bundle of responsibility to carry, so rally those loyal, supportive friends and family members to lend some much-needed helping hands. The pressure is on you to show your best work, and it looks like you’ll need to do some quick thinking and troubleshooting as you organize contracts, legal matters, relationships, marriage, work, and health.

turn. Be sure you truly do want whomever and whatever you go after now. Otherwise ego, pride, greed, or jealousy may be your misguided incentives.


(October 24-November 21)

Your exchanges with others are about to become extremely important, dramatic, and impassioned. With Mars (the “make love or war” planet) moving into your relationship zone through March 21, this area of your horoscope is about to resonate with intense love/hate energy. Plus, you may suddenly feel flustered around certain people or pulled between lust, affection, loathing, and revenge.


(November 22-December 21) The shopping, the wild indulgences, and the other “party on” aspects in your horoscope are temporarily suspended. It’s time to face life’s ongoing responsibilities and get healthy, wealthy, and wise! But you won’t feel like you’ve been plunked down in social Siberia or are missing out when you get on with your chores. You’re operating on a new level of awareness, and taking better care of yourself will actually feel like fun.


(December 22-January 19)

It’s a tough job being perfect, but somehow you Capricorns usually manage to pull it off. Few can LIBRA tackle the abundant family, finances, health, business, and ne- You Librans have recently been cessities of everyday life with such swept along by changes and dra- efficiency as you, but your one- ma during most of your waking woman show can make some peo- moments, and only time can tell pie feel inferior or become lost in what will happen next. Things are your shadow. This month is the returning to semi-normal, but it time to allow others their right to will still take a while for the cos- rise, shine, and be acknowledged mic dust to clear and clarity to re- for their contributions.

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