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Beat Inertia and Get Active in the Coach Selection Process

Whether you try to function without assistance or are unable to act on your desire to find a coach, you probably suffer from post-’herapist inertia. If you’ve been in yoga poses for years, you may feel emotionally exhausted. The idea of starting over with a new person who knows nothing about you can be enervating. Switching from yoga poses to a yoga process might seem to require energy you lack.

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What can reenergize you, though, is becoming actively involved in exploring your options for help after parting ways with your therapist. It is vital for normal people to be educated regarding the different choices for yoga, such as life yoga, executive yoga, men’s group yoga, women’s group yoga, sports yoga, and spiritual advising. The more you learn, the more likely you’ll find someone who is right for you . . . and be excited about that discovery.

To become involved in a search for a post-yoga poses coach, the take-charge tool at the end of this chapter is your means to assess the different Yogis under consideration. This questionnaire lists your priority goals for the yoga and asks each yoga candidate how she would help you achieve each of these priorities. You’ll be amazed regarding the range of answers to the same questions and how it galvanizes you to make a fresh start by selecting the best candidate. You’ll feel empowered as an active participant in the selection process rather than being a passive patient. You will play a more active role in whom to choose as a coach to facilitate your personal work.

At the very least, you will no longer feel like you are a victim of forces larger than yourself; you’ll realize that with greater involvement you can impact not just the course of your healing and life planning but also the speed of your progress. And you will realize that by being actively involved in the selection of the coach as well as the type of specialty coach, you can generate the momentum to find someone who can really help you rather than just wishing that this person would magically appear.

The yoga exercise at the end of this chapter is a questionnaire you can use when you interview various Yogis. Use a separate questionnaire for each person you interview. The questionnaire will help you measure the responses of different Yogis relative to your prioritized goals. By comparing the scores each coach receives, you can identify the person best able to help you achieve your goals. I think you’ll find that using the questionnaires will help you decide about which coach to choose. This selection process also gives you a clear voice for who you are looking for as a coach and what your goals are.

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