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‘On looks alone, this gets me excited. With its all-black, minimal and perfectly designed face, this watch can easily be worn everyday at the office as well as when hitting hard training sessions. Although it may seem incredible to have your life on your wrist, I don’t want to get interrupted by text messages and alerts while training, so thankfully these can be turned off easily. This is one smart watch, with a built-in, very accurate (wrist) heart-rate monitor, countless downloadable workouts, storage for more than 500 songs and Garmin Pay so you can leave your wallet behind. It’s a watch you just won’t want to be without.’

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From £169;

‘I struggle to find a smart watch that

I want to wear when I’m not training, due to having dainty wrists, so I was very happy to see the sleek design of the Suunto 3. But that isn’t the only smart thing about this watch. Tracking everything from your sleep and your heart rate to stress and recovery, it also boasts multiple sports modes. In fact, this data-packed, robust fitness watch is excellent for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’d recommend this watch to anyone who wants to use data to help improve their fitness – it’s simple, clear to read and pretty accurate. After tracking your fitness level, it creates a training plan for you – great if you’re short on time or not used to planning your own training.’



‘Given the number of features this watch has packed into its body, it’s super comfortable with a lovely, soft wrist strap. You’ll find functions for Garmin Pay, heart rate monitoring, music, GPS and multiple sport options. Despite the many functions, it’s very easy to use. Pairing it with my iPhone was easy, and if I wanted to nip out for a quick run, two clicks took to me to the run settings and away I went, without having to wait around for the GPS setting to kick in. While out enjoying a trail run a little too much, I was grateful for the navigation functions. The compass saved me from getting lost and I love the simple, large display on the screen. As well as being able to use traditional GPS, you can also try GLONASS and GALILEO tracking – which is second to none when you’re training at high altitude. And this top-notch watch is compatible with both the iPhone and Android, which makes it an all-round winner for users. This rugged yet goodlooking watch (choose from rose gold with a white band, as well as all black, and white colourways) ticks all the boxes for your athletic and outdoor adventures.’



‘If you’re not a fan of the vibrant orange colour of this one, don’t panic – it comes in black and white as well. A great option “for runners who want more”, it tracked my running, sleep and a CrossFit workout so that I could analyse the data and use it as a benchmark to improve on. It has a heart-rate monitor built in, but you may find using a chest strap, (also available from Polar), gives greater accuracy. The watch is water-resistant and features a lightweight, breathable wristband. Vibration alerts inform you when you’re hitting goals during training. My only slight bugbear? The watch face is fairly small given the size of the watch. It’s great value though.’


(42MM) £279;

‘With its impressive, four-day battery life, this great-looking watch came close to being a winner, but its lack of iOS support (I was using an iPhone) means only Samsung users get all the extras. Available in rose gold and midnight black, the watch is packed with features. A lovely feature is the effortless menu navigation from a rotating bezel. With the option of 40 different exercises to track, there’s always something new you can work towards.

I seamlessly stored my Spotify playlist of 200 fracks and listened direct from the watch. It’s Samsung Pay-compatible for easy payments on the go, too, so no need to carry a wallet – genius!’

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