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Historical Beauty;

In 1951, when Kumari was nineteen, she signed up to star in a film directed by Kamal Amrohi. This would change her life: A year later, after a courtship carried out in part through letter writing, Kumari and Amrohi were secretly married. In 1952, the film they had worked together on, Baiju Bawra, was released. It was hugely popular and launched Kumari into stardom. Filmfare, the equivalent of Photoplay magazine in India, wrote that she €œhas an exciting photogenic facethe sort that cosmetic manufacturers dream of, €9 and they featured her on their list of the most beautiful actresses. It was a prophetic comment, as the cosmetics manufacturers wouldn’t have to dream for long: She became a spokesperson for Lux soap (which was sold as a beauty product by Unilever) at the end of 1953, and her image was everywhere. Between 1961 and 1964, Kumari began working on Pakeezah, a new film written by Amrohi. It took a record fourteen years to filma stressful time during which Kumari and Amrohi went through a messy and painful divorce. In 1972, only weeks after it premiered, Kumari died from liver disease caused by alcoholism at the age of just thirty-nine. Pakeezah would become one of Bollywood’s biggest-ever hits and the breathtakingly beautiful Meena Kumari subsequently became known as €œthe Queen of Tragedy. €

Nail art north liberty iowa

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