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Instead, the songs on this new album are a soulful reflection of ‘everything that I am right now,’ says Bradley, Nail color for yellow undertones finally settled with a job, family and friends that he loves. Twice expresses gratitude for those gifts and for a special love because “when I count the blessings in my life, I count you twice.” Hush is a sexy suggestion, “I’ll show you with a touch how to slow down in a rush”, while Next to You is a ‘four on the floor, up-tempo’ song, and This Ain’t Just a Song to Me promises that ‘This ain’t just a song to me/ It’s as honest as I’ll ever be/ And one day when I’m dead and gone/ A part of me will carry on/ When someone hums this melody.’

At the urging of industry executive Jeff Walker, the album will also feature a cover of I’d Love To Be Your Last, written by Rivers Rutherford and originally recorded by Gretchen Wilson. ‘You have to cut that song,’ insisted Walker. ‘You’re the Michael Buble of country!’ He laughed, but the suggestion struck a chord with Bradley who had recently turned to that same song during a rough patch with his girlfriend. Stripped to its essentials, David recorded the song with strings and acoustic guitar, and now ‘I love it.’

With offers in the UK and Europe, Bradley expects to tour LOVING OUT LOUD following the album’s release. It’s the right time to leverage a new global interest in country music. ‘It’s no longer pedal steel and banjos,” he explains. “Country has a more rocking edge to it.’ Gone are the big cowboy hats, and as banjos and fiddles yield to a more contemporary sound, country is ‘just normal to the ears’. Laughs David, ‘For a long time in England, listening to country was like listening to Manilow. You could do it; you just didn’t admit to it.’ Now country plays routinely on BBC Radio 2, often included in the mix with other great songs by artists including Beyonce, CeeLo Green, Avril Lavigne, Kesha and more.

Country also plays on, Radio Renegade Nashville, CMR Nashville and other radio outlets when the David Bradley Show airs every Saturday and Sunday evening. The genial host plays rockin’ tunes on Saturday and a more laidback set on Sundays. He also invites musicians and songwriters into his home studio to chat about their work, play a few tunes. It’s an opportunity to kick back, relax, help a rising new artist, and maybe drink a Guinness. Holley Deywww.

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