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The contributions of Rosie the Riveter and her cohorts to the survival of American manufacturing during the ‘Good War,’ are well known and beyond profound. But until now the contributions of a band of intrepid, unpretentious, stunningly skillful, thoroughly American women to both the war effort and to the endurance of one of the greatest musical instrument manufacturers ever known, has gone unheralded.”

Thomas had ‘encountered four data points, including a 1944 photograph’ that drove him to find out more about these American women, Nail color for zodiac signs he recounts. Before he began his journey, only a few puzzle pieces alluded to this chapter in Gibson’s story – a world renowned company with a supposedly well-documented history. ‘First, in the course of researching an article I’ve long forgotten, I came across an explanation in the book ‘Gibson’s Fabulous Flattops’ for why the World War Two-era Gibson guitars that sport a small, golden ‘Only a Gibson is Good Enough’ banner are such fine instruments: ‘[T]hough nearly 90% of Gibson’s work force was taken from guitar production and put to work on war contracts, the 10% remaining were the company’s most seasoned craftsmen.’

‘Second, I discovered a 1970s book entitled The Gibson Story’. Best makeup looks The author was Julius Bellson, who began working for Gibson in the 1930s, served as its personnel director during World War Two, and then became the company’s official historian in the 1970s. He, wrote that Gibson did not make any musical instruments during World War Two.

‘Third, I found that unique 1944 photo of the all-female workforce. I began to wonder. Did these women build guitars?

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