Naomi Campbell Diet Plan Workout Routine

Naomi Campbell Diet Plan

You may never have considered emotional disorders as serious as alcoholism, schizophrenia, anxiety neurosis, suicidal depression to be a culmination of nutritional neglect. Think again. “Diet” is a word with ominous overtones. You can “diet” your way into disaster, or you can “diet” yourself into optimal physical and mental health. You make the choice.
Alcoholism: A “Social” Disease Fact or Fancy?
Is alcoholism a “social” disease?

Call an ex alcoholic “reformed” at your own risk. No moral issue has been resolved when a drinker has been cured of his disease.
Mercedes McCambridge is one of many well known personalities who is an “out of the closet” former alcoholic pleading for better public understanding of Americans number one drug addiction and least understood ailment.

Her message, a simple one, is delivered, with all the fire and guts she can muster: “Alcoholics aren’t evil, weak willed, immoral. I know, because IVe been one. Alcoholism isn’t a ‘social’ disease. It’s some kind of disaster.”

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