Natural Beauty

Finding the Right Path

Remember one thing. I never promised you an herb garden. It’s what I thought I’d be giving you when I began this beauty blog. Until I discovered that the path through the herb garden is not necessarily the proper route to natural beauty.

Herbs and other wonders of nature are wonderful all right, but sometimes they’re more wonderful as herbs than as beautifiers. And here we’re only concerned with the things that will bring out the beautiful you.

A lot of home-beauty remedies are simply so much ‘egg on your face.” That’s not what you’ll get in this beauty blog. I don’t believe it’s what you want. If it is, then I suggest a trip to your local five-and-ten— where such pamphlets abound.

And are worth the pennies you’ll pay.

No. I don’t intend to propagate any beauty myths here, no matter how charming—and natural—they may seem. So, if egg on your face is just that, I will tell you so. And then go on to tell you what you can do with an egg to make it really work for your looks. For your hair. For your skin. And for your shape.

This beauty blog won’t promise you anything and give you something else. What it will give you is information—often surprising information, always reliable information; information gleaned from the latest research done by experts in the fields of both nutrition and beauty.

Fallow As…


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