Natural Makeup to Stay Healthy and Beautiful


With Vitamin C reinforcement you can easily stand up. If you have nausea, try to have a cup of chamomile or mint tea. Avoid consumption of coffee, sodas and fatty foods.

Touch and distribute a small amount of ruby ‹ ‹cheeks, run your lips and get out!


If you wake up in the morning with a swollen eyelid after a long and exhausting night, compress your eyes with cold raspberry tea bags.

You are about to be late, and you do not have the time to deal with the bachelor of yesterday. Clean the mascara remains that are beneath your eyes with a damp cotton pad and go quickly through your lashes.


Chamomile, cucumber, mint and aloe essence creams or gels will be good for under-eye bags. Leave the product in the refrigerator overnight and apply it around the eyes for about ten minutes.


You had a bad night and there were scars on your face as you lay restless. The only thing you can do to get rid of these traces is to wash your face with lukewarm water and then use a cream to massage your cheeks for a few minutes.


If you can not get into a deep sleep when you need it, try to go to bed by driving a few drops of lavender oil to your temples. Or spray a small spray bottle with water and lavender oil from a distance. When you reach, the smell in your cushion will send relief signals to your brain and you will fall asleep immediately.


We have to admit, we all started to be drug addicts slowly. People all over the world are using a wide variety of medicines or vitamins to get rid of stress-induced diseases.

In fact, many doctors sometimes refer to the cause of stress to drug use. Because many medicines have side effects at the bottom, in the hair, at the level of daily concentration and in sexual life. For example, antihistamines tend to hair, antidepressants pale the skin, and antibiotics cause both color discolorations and rashes. Maybe your doctor will not care much about these side effects, but to me, you are important and you should care about it. In this section I will share some useful information about skin, side effects, skin doctors, aestheticians, pharmacists and beauty specialists. Thus, if you have a habit of using medicines, you can protect yourself from damage.


Experts say that antibiotics dry the person both internally and externally. Yoghurt must be consumed regularly during antibiotic use. For your skin, you need a moisture mask application.

At the same time, antibiotics make the skin more sensitive to the sun. For this reason, color changes and dark spots on the skin can be seen.

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