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Blast Off! You’ve Begun Munch Away

Naturally, you begin by eating something you’ve always done with some degree of guilt. But don’t hesitate as you plow into the spare ribs or the roast duckling. If you’re an experienced dieter, you may have to suppress an involuntary shudder as you begin downing high calorie food you always thought would make you fat.

Once again have faith. In the absence of carbohydrates, the body has no choice but to bum its own fat. Moreover, at this stage of your dieting, eating the rich, fatty foods your last dietician advised you to flee from can only be advantageous.

You’re starting off at the most extreme low carbohydrate end of the diet, and I’m encouraging you to eat as much as you like.

I want you to be totally, shockingly unafraid of fat during these two weeks. Fat is much more ketosis inducing than protein. After all, 58% of protein will become glucogenic amino acids, i.e. convertible to glucose, but only 10% of fat will become its glycerol portion which is similarly convertible. The ease of getting into deep ketosis lipolysis is based on the ratio of fat to carbohydrate. The higher that number, the more ketosis. Thus, you should strive for the maximum amount of fat during this initial period, and in doing so, you will almost certainly find yourself experiencing the deepest, sharpest, most appetite suppressing aspects of the diet.

As an overweight person, you’re very likely to be resistant to ketosis, since ketosis means parting with your fat, and that’s just what your body has obviously been reluctant to do. During your fortnight trial diet, we’re taking no chances. We’re going to make those LTS turn purple.


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