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Q: Is it true you’re more klutzy when your have your period?

A: Its possible. But it might be that you are so consumed with other things in your life (including PMS) that you just aren’t paying attention. And it’s a woman’s prerogative to occasionally zone out.

Q: Does chocolate aggravate or alleviate the effects of PMS?

A: Doctors recommend that you avoid sugar if you are experiencing PMS. Exercising and eating healthily are said to alleviate the symptoms. But let’s be honest there’s no harm in a little bit of chocolate.

Q: Is it true that co-workers and roommates often have similar cycles? A. There are times when girls menstruate at the same time. Though there is something cosmic about the whole phenomenon, some evidence suggests that the synchronicity of women’s cycles is due to our pheromones. Pheromones are odorless chemicals that our bodies give off which send messages to others around us. In this case, pheromones may trigger menstruation in other females, especially those in close proximity.


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