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Where you should go shopping for New designer shoes


Know what you’re buying! Clothing, like anything else, is sold at discount for many reasons. Let’s go over some terms: First-quality means brand-new merchandise that has no flaws. It may be reduced in price as a sales promotion, because it’s overstock, or because it’s left over from a past season. Discontinued is self-explanatory; but again, these items are new and most are perfectly good.

Second-quality ( €œseconds, €œirregulars, €œIR €) means new clothes that have some slight mistakes in their manufacture or that have been damaged in shipping. Often these blemishes are negligible. A reputable store will call your attention to the problem with a sign, or a piece of masking tape on the damaged spot.


ABC Retail

2 Center Plaza, Cambridge St. Boston; (617) 426-5700

31 St. James Ave. Boston; (617) 423-3447

145 Bay State Dr. Braintree; (617) 843-0552

43 Middlesex Tpke, Burlington; (617) 229-1855

Marshall Plaza, Framingham; (508) 626-2225,5621

400 Lynn Fells Pkwy. Saugus; (617) 233-5566

616 Middle St, Weymouth; (617) 331-6220

ABC has a large selection of women’s and girls’ clothing, first-quality and seconds, in both current and past-season styles. Browning blazers were recently on sale for $25, originally $60; designer T-shirts with gold appliqud were half-price at $19;. so were Adolfo jackets at $29. Along with recognizable name brands, ABC carries many lesser-known, but good €œeveryday labels. Stretch pants with stirrups and polka dots were reduced from $24 to $8, and a bathing suit sale featured one price $12 for every item in that department Open seven days.

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