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The last time I highlighted my hair my stylist went overboard and did too much. Now my roots have come in and my hair looks striped.

Should I dye my hair back to its original color and start over? M.B, Elizabethtown, Ky.

Beth Minardi, color director at Minardi Salon in New York City, says you should never have to resort to overall color in order to repair garish highlights. “If you like the multidimensional look you get from highlights, there is no reason to switch to solid hair color,” she says. Solving the problem is as simple as lessening the contrast between your roots and your highlights.

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Beyonce has recentiy realized that everyone in show business needs “some kind of escape,” and she is eagerly searching for her own. (Drinking and smoking won’t do, she says, at least not for now.) Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles for the Austin Powers shoot, she bought some oil paints, set up an easel in her apartment and began experimenting with everything from colorful abstracts to painting-by-numbers. “It’s very relaxing, just my time with myself,” she says. She’s taking tentative steps toward self-expression in other areas, too even in her wardrobe, which was long overseen by her mother.

The Destiny’s Child girls now favor Versace and Gucci in addition to Tina Knowles’ designs; offstage, Beyonce says, “I change my style every week.” Lately that style has been veering further and further from her teenage Houston looks: No more cluster rings and high-volume hair. “I used to think everything had to match,” she says, laughing. “I would look in a magazine and say, ‘Why are her shoes and her dress a different color?’ That’s kind of a Texas houseguest at The Terraces, Audrey Meadows, who, unbeknownst to moi “Honeymooners” fans, was married to Continental Airlines ceo Bob Six A expert at musical comedy, Meadows used to enjoy entertaining in th evenings. “It turned out Matgaret knew all the songs,” Lawrence says. “So th two of them would get up there, sing and dance all night, and they were fabi lous. Margaret was really gifted she had great style.”

Beyonce’s ultimate statement of independence, the one that she probably craft with the surest hand, is her first solo record, due out later th year. The album won’t have all the Top 40 gloss of a typical Destiny’s Chi effort: Beyonce describes it as “personal” and “strange” and “soulful” ar heavily influenced by Seventies icons like Donny Hathaway, Shuggy Otis ar Aretha Franklin. “I still want my songs to be commercial,” she says, “but want to do things that are in my head the crazy stuff that I really like.” Tock in fact, she had hoped to spend some time in the recording studio, but; lunch is winding down, Angie’s cell phone rings. It’s a call from the se Beyonce is needed in makeup right away. Myers, who’d been ill over the wee end, is feeling better, so they’ll be shooting scene number 43, a crucial reunic between Foxxy and Austin. Beyonce hasn’t rehearsed her lines.

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