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Paying dues: the age old tradition of putting in work serious work before officially getting on. From carrying crates to frequenting open mics, even interns go through it. Most times, that road to success can turn out longer than initially expected. But some say that while hard to endure, the lessons learned on that arduous journey are invaluable.

Just ask Mecca, the dedicated MC who initially made a name for himself around the NYC underground circuit through battles and energetic shows with his Plague and QN5 crews. But even while his dynamic stage presence led him to perform all around the 50 states and beyond, and even establish his own website, the talented lyricist made sure he took the time to get his 11 cut demo right where it needed to be.

Thanks to years of experience, the Queens born Brooklyn transplant’s confidence on the mic shows on braggadocios tracks like the neck snappin’ electric guitar laced “Alphamale,” on which he unleashes lyrical barbs and punchlines like, “Takin’ you out like the weather is right.”

Far from a one dimensional battle rapper, Mec’ explores a variety of topics so vast one has to wonder why most rappers are still stuck on stupid. On “Insecure,” he cleverly advises victims of cheating girlfriends to blame their significant others, not the dude. “Aight, B/Before you fight me/Over ya wifey/lt’s likely/She livin’ shi esty…/You can’t keep no woman that don’t wanna be kept/You catch her givin’ the next man play/Accept it and step.” Then he candidly lets his guard down on tracks like “Jaded,” a look at his inability to commit to a monogamous relationship.

Other highlights include the jewel dropping “Learn Discipline,” the inspiring, melodic vocal sample driven “Sound & Fury,” and the rabblerousing “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” where the smart aleck MC drops ill lines like, “You got Magic Johnson flow/Say you’re sick/But I don’t see it.”

Intelligent, charismatic and lyrically talented, Mecca is one well rounded MC. So it’s no wonder prominent beatmakers like Buckwild, Rockwilder, Evil Dee, Ski, Scram Jones and Alchemist are already hitting him with tracks for his next project. Although he hardly seems vexed, fumin’ or like he’s had it up to here, his days of payin’ dues may soon be over. Acknowledge him as in there.

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