New York Street Style 2014

Learning should be fun. Evidently, that’s the phi losophy at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where the class of 2014 gets its home work assignments from local designers Bob Mackie and Jeremy Scott.

For their senior projects, due on May 4 for the school’s annual benefit fashion show, students were offered two choices.

Scott’s directive was to come up with an outfit that would be appropriate to wear to two parties that are going on simultaneously in two different decades, at least 40 years apart.

What do you wear to wow them at both parties without changing complete outfits?!!!” the assignment read. “Go extreme maybe Marie Antoinette has invited you to a party the same time as Madonna (’80s, ’90s or even 2014 Madonna!!!).” Altematively, Mackie’s instructions were to design “glamorous, entrance making eveningwear inspired by Mexican native textiles, embroideries and Folk Art. No exact copies of regional Mexican gar ments, no Frieda Kohlo.

New York Street Style 2014

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