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Nina Agdal Diet Plan

Germ theory advocates would have us view man as a helpless quarry eternally trying to elude a multitude of disease bearing organisms vigilantly intent upon infecting him.

A small cadre of medical practitioners, however, has resisted the germ theory as the one simplistic answer to illness. They have carefully noted that while microorganisms are obviously involved in many ailments, their mere presence does not automatically guarantee disease.
Three healthy people, for example, can breathe the same germs at the same moment. One may develop pneumonia, another may sniffle his way through a cold, and the third may never be aware that the germs were even there. After all, in the case of most infectious diseases, those people who succumb represent only a fraction of the number of people exposed to them.

Is the germ theory obsolete? Certainly more than one noted scientist now espouses a more sophisticated approach to disease. Doctor G. T. Stewart, professor of epidemiology and pathology at the Schools of Public Health and Medicine at the University of North Carolina, points out that polio and other viruses can be carried for months with no effect. “The resulting disease,” he says, “is in fact determined by the host, rather than the bacillus.”

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