Nina Ricci Spring Summer 2015 RTW – Paris Fashion Week

The shot is of Mick Jagger wearing a velourish cutaway jumpsuit. His head is thrown back, legs fully ex Brunette Lob Hairstyle Crowley Party Right on trend, look chic, no short hair commitment. We love The lob the long bob is exactly what you need right now! Lobs We Love Best Lob Haircut Ideas Fabulous Lob Hairstyles Styles Weekly The walls of my bedroom are covered in a collage of iconic photographs among them a portrait by David Bailey of Mick Jagger, torn from an old issue of MY BLOG. Jagger is the tousled sleepy boy, practicing his impish pose like a kid in a bathroom mirror. His big head and big hair make him look like a toy, a moppish doll. He plays it girly, his rounded collar buttoned up. Liquid eyed, lips parted, he is a white boy singing the blues, just dirty enough to be fun, but hardly the devil in nostalgia This is Jagger warming up, cultivating what in years will become a jaded disaffection that dares you to entertain him if you can.

Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2015 RTW – Paris Fashion Week

Nina Ricci Spring Summer 2015 RTW – Paris Fashion Week Photo Gallery

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