No matter what anybody says, it’s your face and you can take action

You can make it clearer. You can make it more healthy-looking. You can even make it blemish-free. Whether you have five pimples or fifteen.

Retin-A is a proven prescription treatment you can only get from your healthcare provider. Unlike other products that simply cover up or dry out pimples, Retin-A works at the source where blemishes begin.

It contains tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative much like the naturally occurring one in your body. Retin-A is thought to help lift excess oil and pore-clogging skin cells to the surface. It also helps prevent this cell build-up from recurring, so you can maintain the improvement in your skin.

Retin-A doesn’t work overnight. However, with continued use you may start to notice an overall improvement. So be patient.

During the first few weeks, some irritation, including redness and peeling, will be experienced by most patients. Generally, these effects are manageable and diminish over time. However, some people with sensitive skin may

experience excessive irritation. Since Retin-A may make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays, be sure to protect ortho your skin from natural or artificial sunlight. For more information, ask your healthcare provider about Retin-A or call: 1-800-99RETIN-A.


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